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2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz Model Review

The new Hyundai Santa Cruz has a sleek aerodynamic design and modern exterior. The hood slopes down and over the front wheels, and its shape then changes slightly to fit the front of the car. The headlights grow thicker at the center and turn upwards, creating a close look similar to most current models in Hyundai's lineup. Everything is new for the current generation of Santa Cruz. Its interior is upholstered with a fabric that's soft to the touch, and its exterior has a modern appearance. It has more horsepower than ever, with 201 horsepower in its turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It has a lower starting price and can now be a hybrid variant, equipped with an electric motor and four-wheel drive system. For safety, Hyundai offers standard side-impact airbags and front knee airbags for the driver and front passenger side positions, respectively.

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2023 Hyundai Venue Model Review

Hyundai has announced the new Venue model in 2023. The new Venue will be more spacious and efficient than the current model, with an updated design that will turn heads. The Venue will be more affordable than other models in the Hyundai lineup, making it the perfect choice for budget-minded drivers. Hyundai is confident that the Venue will be a hit and anticipates becoming one of the company's best-selling models.

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Hyundai To Launch an EV Subscription Program

A brand-new one-time-only payment subscription service via an application you can download on your phone has been launched by Hyundai called the Evolve+ EV. The app will include a variety of amenities that every person needs for their new vehicle purchase. The app includes features such as car insurance, roadside maintenance, and roadside assistance.

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