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Lease Return Options

Like most people, you like the thought of driving home in a new car. Maybe the latest Elantra, Sonata, or the all-new Palisade has caught your eye, and you can just picture becoming the new owner. At our dealership, you have the opportunity to lease a new car and have the privilege of driving a new vehicle without paying the full price. Leasing has many advantages, which our dealership is happy to tell you about.


Value Your Trade-In

Here at Vandergriff Hyundai, we make it easy to swap your vehicle for anything on our lots. This is the case even if you owe a lot of money on that vehicle and simply want a newer model or something different. We cater to whatever shifts you may have in mood regarding a vehicle and stand behind our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Hyundai Battery Service 101

The best way to ensure your car keeps running smoothly is to properly maintain it over the years. There are a number of services you should have performed on your car regularly to prolong its lifespan, and of these, one of the most important is battery service. Your car can't run without a battery, which is why it's vital to protect yours. Bringing your car in for Hyundai battery service at our Arlington dealership can help ensure your car battery remains in top shape.