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Recommended Service Intervals

For optimum performance and car health, routine maintenance is a must. While it is always important to refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for when exactly to have your car serviced, we have put together this basic guide to help give you a general idea for when to take your car in. However, the recommended mileage and time may vary depending on the car year and model.


2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Model Review

The previous Hyundai Santa Fe models already had a strong reputation as mid-size SUV warriors. The 2018 model was a finalist in the U.S. News competition for the best three-row SUV for the money. The previous model also ranked number 15 in the mid-size SUV category, and it already had a substantial fan base that felt it was one of the safest and most reliable SUVs on the market. It's hard to improve something that's near perfect, but Hyundai managed to do just that. Here's some information on the impressive changes that you will see in the upcoming 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe.


Used Pickup Trucks For Sale in Arlington, TX

Anyone who is looking to purchase a used truck will want to come visit Vandergriff Hyundai. We have a very wide selection of used pickup trucks in a variety of different makes and models. Inventory is always changing so you will want to come back on a regular basis or contact the seller to discuss the truck you are looking for. The dealership will meet any specific vehicle request and help you get the pickup truck that best meets your needs. As a result, coming to this dealership to find and purchase a used pickup truck will allow consumers to have a satisfying shopping experience.